Who we are


The Green Party is one of the fastest growing political movements in the world.

In Northern Ireland it is a cross-community political party campaigning on the four principles of Green Politics:

Social justice
Environmental sustainability
Grassroots democracy

Green Politics is based on ethical concern for the vulnerable, including the deprived and socially excluded in Northern Ireland, the excluded millions in poverty in the developing world, and future generations who are already being disadvantaged now by the exploitation of our natural resources.

The Green Party is the only party that unashamedly puts the community and our environment before profit and power. “Not left, not right, but forward.” We are progressive and democratic, and believe in defending social equality, environmental stability and protecting human rights. Our motto, “Think global, act local” sums up our dedication to grassroots politics within the community.

There are hundreds of Green Parties worldwide, many of whom have served in government so we have great experience to share and our perspective is a global one. In Northern Ireland, the Green Party has been building on electoral success and the public demand for a real alternative to failed local politics since it was formed 30 years ago.