Clare Bailey and Steven Agnew at the Belfast election count

Two Green MLAs returned and ready for business

Monday 06 March 2016

Steven Agnew and Clare Bailey have been re-elected in North Down and South Belfast respectively.

The elections followed the collapse of the Executive and a mere nine months since the 2016 election.

Steven Agnew, Green Party leader said:

“I would like to thank each and every person who voted Green last Thursday. I would also like to thank the Green volunteers and members who worked tirelessly across the last six weeks.

“It has felt like a long campaign and it has been difficult one coming so soon after the last election.

“However, I took great heart from talking to people during the campaign and hearing their hopes for better delivery at Stormont.

“I can’t pretend to be delighted with a return to Stormont today when the election was a huge waste of time and money. However, Clare Bailey and I will not waste a single vote or opportunity to effect positive change during the next Assembly term.

“There remains an opportunity to get things up and running and deliver good government for the people of Northern Ireland. The time is now for the traditional parties to put delivery, accountability and transparency ahead of narrow party interests.

“Ninety MLAs have secured their jobs for another term, now it’s up to us to secure jobs and positive outcomes for others, particularly those people sitting on protective notice because of the inability of the previous Executive to agree a budget.

The North Down MLA concluded:

“I’ll be taking that message into Stormont this week and I’ll ensure that the interests of the public are represented at all times.”


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