Time for Northern Ireland to catch up and ban hunting with hounds

Green Party leader Steven Agnew MLA has reiterated his support for the League Against Cruel Sports’ campaign against blood sports, ahead of vice-president Bill Oddie’s visit to Stormont this Monday 14th September.

Steven Agnew MLA said

“Northern Ireland has the unfortunate distinction of being the only remaining region in the United Kingdom where hunting with hounds is unrestricted.”

“Whilst the Green Party’s attempt to ban this cruel practice failed in 2010 due to a lack of support from other parties in the Assembly, I hope that my latest motion to ban hunting with hounds will have a more positive outcome.”

“With the majority of public opinion in favour of such a ban, it is time Northern Ireland caught up with the other nations on these islands by banning these barbaric ‘sports.’

“I plan to meet with members of the League Against Cruel Sports, including Bill Oddie, on Monday to get an update on its campaign to stop animal cruelty in the name of sport.

“I will continue to support this organisation, with which I have had many positive meetings, in furthering our common aim to eradicate blood sports in Northern Ireland.”


Notes to editors

Steven Agnew’s Motion:

Ban on Hunting with Hounds
That this Assembly acknowledges the inherent cruelty involved in the hunting of wild animals with hounds; rejects claims that this is a form of pest control; and calls on the Minister of the Environment to bring forward legislation that would ban the hunting of wild animals with hounds.

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