Steven Agnew MLA

Theresa May cannot veto backstop without a credible alternative

Friday 20 July 2018

Leader of the Green Party in NI, Steven Agnew MLA, has said it is not for Theresa May to veto the draft Withdrawl Agreement backstop arrangement.

Steven Agnew MLA said: “Its not enough for Theresa May to veto the present backstop proposals. The Prime Minister is devoid of a credible alternative that will wash with her Cabinet as well as the EU27 and ultimately, the people.

“Theresa May and her crisis ridden Cabinet are incapable of putting the interests of workers, families and businesses ahead of internal wrangling and jostling for position.

“I believe that momentum for a People’s Vote on the final deal is growing. I met with Lord Adonis of the People’s Vote campaign group yesterday and stressed that Northern Ireland MPs do not represent the views of the majority who voted to remain in the European Union.

“Indeed cross party support for a People’s Vote now exists with Justine Greening MP supporting the call to give the people the final say on any Brexit deal.

“The final say on any Brexit deal must rest with the people”.


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