Thanks to our supporters at peaceful protest against fox hunting

The Green Party would like to thank all the people who came to join our peaceful protest aganst hunting in Crawfordsburn on New Year’s Day.

More than 100 people gathered to support our protest against hunting animals for sport, a call which is supported by 80% of people in Northern Ireland.

While this was a drag hunt, our protest called attention to the need to ban this barbaric practice in Northern Ireland and we were also protesting against the North Down Hunt who also engage in hunts that kill foxes.

We were pleased to see that by and large most of the people who joined us respected our request for a dignified and peaceful protest. While there were a number of comments directed at the huntspeople by colleagues from other organisations, we moved quickly to request them to desist and our feedback from the PSNI was that they were happy with how the event went.

A video of the hunt setting off from the main street in Crawfordsburn attracted hundreds of comments over the course of the day and sparked an interesting debate. While we were diligent about removing any offensive or abusive comments, we felt that by evening that the debate had run its course and we took down the video as we hope to build on the positive dialogue that had begun with a number of hunt members.