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Taxis banned in bus lanes – right decision, wrong process

Thursday 30 August 2018
Cllr Georgina Milne has said the decision to prohibit most taxis in bus lanes is the right one but was arrived at in the wrong way.
Cllr Milne’s comments followed the reversal of a controversial decision by the Department for Infrastructure to allow all taxis in bus lanes.
The Ormiston Councillor said: “Cyclists will breathe a sigh of relief upon hearing of this decision. It’s a common sense call to retain bus lanes for buses and cyclists. It’s a good decision for the safety of all road users and the Green Party vision of sustainable transport for all citizens”.
Cllr Milne concluded:
“I am however disappointed that this decision wasn’t made by a locally elected, accountable Minister. I want to have a public debate on sustainable transport and I want to see our MLAs working on these important matters.”
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