Tanya Jones

Tanya Jones

Tanya Jones

Green Party candidate for Fermanagh South Tyrone

Tanya Jones

Tanya Jones is standing in Fermanagh & South Tyrone, speaking up on the issues that matter most to people.

“The people of South Tyrone deserve a Westminster MP who will put people first.

“The Green Party is contesting this election on the basis of;

  • Your say on the final Brexit deal;
  • Your public services;
  • Your equality.

“We must ensure that Northern Ireland MPs challenge Brexit and protect our public services from the worst effects of the austerity agenda.

“We need clean, honest politics, with transparency about party funding and party connections, with real commitments to grassroots democracy, to non-violence and to a future shared by all of us.

“As your Green representative, I will continue to campaign against fracking and actively support sustainable local industries as a way to tackle low pay and fuel poverty.

“Please vote Green on Thursday 08 June”.