Tanya Jones to stand as Green Party Assembly candidate

Local Fermanagh resident Tanya Jones announced on Wednesday 23 September that she is standing for the forthcoming Northern Ireland Assembly elections on behalf of the Green Party.

Speaking at the Fermanagh South Tyrone Greens AGM, Tanya Jones said,

“The last few weeks have made it painfully clear that we need some changes at Stormont. The Executive parties seem to have forgotten, if they ever knew, that power-sharing is one thing. However we need responsibility-sharing even more.

“At best, the latest round of talks behind closed doors will produce the same as the last – a so-called ‘agreement’ which quickly falls apart in the cold light of day.

“The people of Northern Ireland deserve better. The Good Friday Agreement, voted for in a public referendum, has brought us this far, but now it is time to move forward, instead of around in ever-decreasing circles. I believe we need a new civic conversation, a chance for people to have their say.

“We need clean, honest politics, with transparency about party funding and party connections, with real commitments to grassroots democracy, to non-violence and to a future shared by all of us.”

Positive work, cooperation and compassion

Tanya Jones, Green Party candidate for Fermanagh South Tyrone outlined some of the positive work that party leader Steven Agnew MLA has done in the Assembly, saying,

“Steven Agnew MLA, the leader of the Green Party in Northern Ireland, has been a consistent voice of common sense, cooperation and compassion in the Northern Ireland Assembly, respected and trusted by all sides.

“His Children’s Bill will force government departments and public bodies to work together for the good of our children instead of squabbling amongst themselves.

“None of the other parties would dare suggest such a thing, but none of them dared oppose it either.

“He has led the way on the environment, opposing fracking; on equality, saying Yes to marriage for same-gender couples; on animal welfare and social justice.

“For a single MLA, Steven Agnew has achieved a huge amount. Just imagine what a group of Green MLAs, representing constituencies across Northern Ireland, could do on all the issues that really matter to people’s lives and futures.

“From the economy to energy supplies, from education and health to transport, the Green Party has solutions fit for the twenty-first century, for the society we want to become and for the lives we want our children to enjoy.”

You can vote Green

Tanya Jones, Green Party candidate for the Assembly elections is no stranger to standing for election.

Tanya Jones added,

“I was overwhelmed by the support I received when I stood for the Westminster election in May.

“The people of Fermanagh and South Tyrone were under huge pressure to vote along traditional lines, not because they especially wanted either of the main candidates but because they were afraid of the other getting in.

“Having spoken to local people on their doorsteps, I know that many, many people wanted to vote Green that time, but sadly felt that they couldn’t and I understood their dilemma.

“But this time you can vote Green.

“We know that we will have nationalist MLAs and we will have unionist MLAs. That’s as it should be. But there’s room, too, for a different voice, for someone who speaks out about the things that we share, instead of the things that divide us.

“I was honest during the last campaign. I wasn’t afraid to say that, barring miracles, I wouldn’t win that election. And I’m being honest now. This time we can win. We can have a Green Party MLA for Fermanagh and South Tyrone.

“And I can think of no greater honour than being that representative.”

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