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Clare Bailey MLA

Clare Bailey MLA: Politicans employing family an unwanted facet of the politics of the past

Tuesday 08 January 2019 Clare Bailey MLA has said that the continuing practice...
Green Party rep says postponement of Equal Marriage Bill is justice delayed

Tribeca naming debate obscures real issues with the development proposal

Monday 07 January 2018 Mal O’Hara, Green Party rep for North Belfast says...
Dog with least

Don’t rush into a pet as a gift this Christmas

Wednesday 19 December 2018 It’s a fact that Northern Ireland people love animals...
Clare Bailey MLA

Urgent action needed to address air pollution problem

Thursday 13 December 2018 Green Party leader Clare Bailey has said we must...
Clare Bailey MLA

Clare Bailey MLA is new Green Party in NI leader

Clare Bailey MLA is new Green Party in NI leader

A ‘People’s Vote’ is the best way forward

The Green parties in the UK and the co-chairs of the European Green...
Clare Bailey MLA

Brexiteer language on Prime Minister Theresa May is dark and dangerous

Monday 22 October 2018 Clare Bailey MLA has described the violent language directed...
Wind turbines

Action needed following stark IPCC report on climate change

Tuesday 09 October 2018 The Green Party in Northern Ireland has said that...
Steven Agnew MLA

Steven Agnew in Brussels for Barnier Brexit discussions

Friday 05 October 2018 Steven Agnew is in Brussels today to meet Michel...
Steven Agnew MLA

People’s Vote the only possible escape from Brexit blind alley

Thursday 20 September 2018 Green Party leader Steven Agnew said that the DUP...