Aine Groogan

Support for register of animal abusers

Friday 08 March 2019

Green Party Rep for Botanic Aine Groogan has said that a register of convicted animal abuser has the potential to ensure that animals are kept safe and well cared for.

Aine spoke out after USPCA Chief Executive, Brendan Mullan, called for the establishment of an accessible register of convicted animal abusers banned by the Courts from the keeping of animals. 

Aine said: “Animal welfare laws include the imposition of bans on keeping animals. However, the bans are only as good as our ability to know who a ban has been imposed upon.

“I share USPCA’s concern that people may be unwittingly selling animals to convicted animal abusers. The matter is ultimately aimed at ensuring that animals are safe and sound with the individuals tasked with their care.

“I support the register as a proposal with the potential to ensure that animal are kept safe and are well cared for.”