Strangford Greens: Taking the long view of the Lough

James Orr, Director of Friends of the Earth, gave a fascinating talk on the environment and biodiversity of Strangford Lough, hosted by The Strangford Greens on Wednesday 22 July.

From the self-seeding ‘reefs’ of Horse Mussels to the annual visit of most of the world’s population of Light-Bellied Brent Geese, Strangford Lough is a site of national, even international importance.

‘James Orr’s talk has renewed our commitment to looking after the incredible treasure we have on our own doorsteps’, said Georgia Grainger of the Strangford Greens. ‘Too often in the past we’ve woken up to the fact that we’ve just destroyed something unique and irreplaceable to make a short term profit. When it comes to conserving areas like this you have to take the long view’.

The Strangford Lough and Lecale Partnership has done much good work in promoting the Lough and bringing stakeholders together. But one suggestion that emerged from the meeting was that there should be a single authority accountable for the enforcement of regulations.

Georgia Grainger said: ‘If people see someone illegally dumping, or dredging in the lough, they need to know who to report it to, and that they will be listened to. The committee is great, but a single authority for the area would give us confidence that action would be taken’.

The Strangford Greens are keen to hear the views of local residents; anyone interested in the issues, or in attending the next meeting, should contact the group at

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