Steven Agnew to step down as leader of Green Party in Autumn

Monday 30 July 2018

Steven Agnew MLA has said that he will step down as leader of the Green Party in the autumn.

Steven, Party leader for seven years, will continue as a Green Party MLA for North Down. The Green Party will now begin the process to elect a new leader which is expected to conclude in the autumn.

Steven Agnew said he is proud of his achievements as Green Party leader.

“It’s been emotional to look back at almost eight years of leadership but I’m proud of how the party has surged forward with a fourfold increase in membership and the positive change we have made during that time.

“I have decided to make way for a new leader partly because it’s what’s best for the Green Party and partly because it’s what’s best for my family.

“There is a new zeal, energy and drive amongst grassroots party members and I think a new leader can really shape that and drive that forward.

“I consider my main strength to be delivering as a parliamentarian. I’m proud of my record including delivering the Children’s Act, leading on marriage equality and environmental justice and continually pushing for transparency and accountability in government.

“The dynamic has shifted in the absence of devolved government for the last 18 months and we haven’t been able to pursue our agenda through the Assembly. I measure my success through the positive change that I’ve been able to make but now the game has changed.

“I very much hope that devolution is restored and I want to get back to fully representing the people of North Down as much as they want me back in the Assembly chamber.

“But until that happens progress will must come from elsewhere”.

Steven Agnew also discussed the personal reasons behind his decision to step down.

“The party leadership brings with it extra hours and commitments. My children are both in primary school now and I want to dedicate that extra time and energy to them.

“I used to go to bed thinking about the Green Party and waken up thinking about the Green Party. I now go to bed thinking about my kids and waken up thinking about them. That has really influenced my thinking.

“I’d like to thank Green Party members for the unwavering support that I’ve always enjoyed. As a member since 2003, I have played many roles in this party that I love. I remain committed to delivering on its values and look forward to continuing as a Green MLA and in any other roles I may take on it future.”

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