Steven Agnew to continue to push for marriage equality

The leader of the Green Party, Steven Agnew MLA, has today, 27th October 2016, expressed his disgust at the news that the DUP are committed to blocking any attempts at introducing marriage equality to Northern Ireland through the abuse of the petition of concern mechanism.

Steven Agnew MLA, one of five MLAs who are seeking to bring forward a Private Members Bill to introduce marriage equality in the Northern Ireland Assembly, said: “It is clear that the vast majority of people in Northern Ireland support equal marriage. A poll in June of this year suggested that 70% of people were in favour of it. The DUP are stuck in the past in their determination to deprive the LGBTQ community of their rights.”

In response to the suggestion that the reason the DUP would continue to block marriage equality as a result of online abuse, Steven Agnew added: “I absolutely condemn all online abuse. However, to use this as an excuse to block the extension of the right to marriage to the LGBTQ community is utterly indefensible.”

“There is a majority within the Assembly who support marriage equality. I will continue to move forward with the Private Members Bill, as this is a matter of utmost importance to me and the Green Party. I hope the other parties will support me in this. I believe change is inevitable, and the party who claimed to be moving Northern Ireland forward are instead holding us back.”


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