Steven Agnew seeks independent process for investigating Ministers in light of RHI debacle

Green Party in Northern Ireland leader, Steven Agnew MLA, has today (16th December 2016) reacted to Jonathan Bell’s explosive claims regarding the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) in an interview last night.

Steven Agnew MLA said:

“There is a risk that this story becomes about an internal party feud, rather than the real issue of the waste of massive sums of public money.

“Further investigation is needed to ascertain whether there was incompetency or corruption at the heart of our government. It is clear that there has been abuse of the renewable heat incentive scheme by many who have availed of it, what we now need to ascertain is whether the scheme was deliberately left open to abuse.

“There is a claim that a Special Advisor who benefitted directly from the RHI was involved in delaying its closure.  These claims must be independently investigated.

“Unfortunately there is no independent process for investigating Ministers. I have previously sought to introduce such a process, and it is noteworthy that the DUP blocked my proposal. This is something I will now revisit. In light of these events it would be unconscionable were the DUP to block such a proposal again.”


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