Steven Agnew says Secretary of State must move immediately to end donor secrecy

Thursday November 23 2017


Green Party NI leader Steven Agnew says Secretary of State James Brokenshire must bring forward legislation compelling the publication of donations and loans received by political parties as a matter of urgency.


“The Secretary of State made this announcement back in July and we would question why nothing has been done almost six months later,” Mr Agnew said.


“The people of Northern Ireland are increasingly concerned over who exactly could be working behind the scenes to influence our politicians.


“The Green Party is leading the way by voluntarily publishing all donations it receives over £500 and has urged all Northern Ireland’s political parties to follow its example, but to date none has done so.


“This measure is urgently needed to allay the concerns of Northern Ireland’s electorate. People need to know what exactly they are voting for and there will never be full transparency until we know who is holding the purse strings.


“The Electoral Commission says it is ready to publish this vital information. With every passing day it becomes more and more difficult to justify why Secretary of State James Brokenshire is dragging his heels on this urgent issue,” Mr Agnew said.


Sign our petition calling on Secretary of State James Brokenshire to bring foward this key legislation as a matter of urgency.




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