Steven Agnew MLA

Steven Agnew MLA: Secretary of State can and must take decisions

Thursday 18 October 2018

Steven Agnew has said that the NI Secretary of State is content for Westminster to legislate away many of her responsibilities, putting important decisions that she can and should be taking into Civil Servant’s intrays.

Legislation to give civil servants more power and suspend the Secretary of State’s duty to call an election is due before Westminster later today (Thursday 18 October).

Steven Agnew said: “Karen Bradley is looking to absolve herself of the big decisions that she can and should be taking. Effectively, she’s taking those big decisions out of her intray and shuffling them across to unelected civil servants.

“The Secretary of State can and should release funding for the victims of historic institutional abuse, implementating the Hart Inquiry recommendations, today.

“The Secretary of State can and should appoint an independent talks mediator to kick start any return to devolution.

“The Secretary of State can and should implement equal marriage in Northern Ireland through Westminster legislation – in line with the overwhelming majority view.

“Instead, we have a cardboard cut out approach to the brief – we see Karen Bradley MP now and again, but she doesn’t appear on move on or do anything.”


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