Steven Agnew MLA calls for long term budget and strategic vision for Northern Ireland

Speaking today, Monday 18 May 2015, during the debate on funding cuts to the community and voluntary sector, Green Party MLA Steven Agnew said,

“Having worked in the community and voluntary sector, I have a real understanding that these cuts are counter strategic.

“These cuts are a result of political choices made by our government at Stormont.

“While the Executive has boasted that Northern Ireland has kept rates down and is a low tax economy, perhaps they now need to boast that they are happy starve essential services, delivered by the community and voluntary sector, to some of the most vulnerable in our society.

“Most stark is the cross party consensus in our government that we should reduce Northern Ireland’s income further by reducing corporation tax.

“This can only but impact on future budgets for community and voluntary sector projects.

Steven Agnew MLA continued,

“The Northern Ireland Executive parties have not sought to raise revenue within their means.

“Instead, they made political decisions that have added further austerity to local people.

“I believe we need a long term budget for Northern Ireland that sets out a strategic vision of what sort of society we want to be, that takes account of the needs of women, children, the elderly, families, from the most vulnerable parts of our community.

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