Steven Agnew hosts recognition event as NI becomes a Fairtrade region

Wednesday 21 June 2017

Northern Ireland has been recognised as a Fairtrade  region after fulfilling the main targets of having all its five cities and six of its 11 councils attaining Fairtrade status to include their respective towns.

Steven Agnew MLA hosted a recognition event at Parliament Buildings earlier this week to celebrate this fantastic achievement.

The Green Party leader said:

“I am delighted that Northern Ireland has attained the status of Fairtrade region.

“This has come about as a result of the hard work of the Fairtrade campaign and the efforts of Dr Christopher Stange in particular.

“The achievement is particularly notable in that it came about without the support of the Executive office, as was the case with other devolved regions.

“Fairtrade status will bring about better outcomes for producers in developing countries and consumers in developed countries.”

Peter Gaynor, Executive Director of Fairtrade Ireland said:

“We have seen local authorities, Fairtrade Towns groups and the All Party Group on Fairtrade do a huge amount in recent years in Northern Ireland to promote Fairtrade.

“It is a real achievement from all of this work that they are now becoming a Fairtrade devolved region – And of course Christopher Stange himself deserves a very big thank you for all his work personally. Fairtrade began with the dedicated work of small groups of people and this is a great example of these groups coming together to achieve something bigger together. ‘

Dr Christopher Stange, Secretariat of the All Party Group on Fairtrade added:

“This regional commitment to the developing world through local action and purchasing Fairtrade products is the culmination of two decades of voluntary action, uniting all sections of society.

“Through Fairtrade we ensure a better future for those less fortunate creating a lasting legacy and connection between Northern Ireland to the developing world.”

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