Should the Mayor of Belfast have an electric car?

A decision on a new car for the Mayor of Belfast is due tomorrow, Friday, 21 August 2015

“The Mayor’s car is not just any car but is hugely symbolic for Belfast”, said East Belfast Councillor Ross Brown.

“I know that some people remain to be convinced that electric cars are the way forward.

“However, buying an electric car would demonstrate to the citizens of Belfast that the Council is serious about sustainable transport and reducing harmful pollution and greenhouse gasses. It would also be significantly cheaper to run than a conventional petrol or diesel vehicle.

“Nevertheless, there are now a wide range of models available with ever improving batteries, allowing for longer journeys between charging.

“Purchasing an electric car for the Mayor would set a great example, presenting Belfast as a modern city in the 21st century.”

Green Party Councillor Ross Brown added,

“Belfast City Council has currently a competitive bid in for £10m of UK government funding for electric car charging infrastructure. We are up against some stiff competition such as Dundee council which already has 60 electric vehicles in its fleet.

“Choosing an electric car for the Mayor would show that we are serious about this bid as well as demonstrating that electric cars are a practical way to travel”.

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