‘Scandal’ over record numbers of food bank users

Clare Bailey, Green Party candidate for South Belfast, has expressed is her concern about figures released by the Trussell Trust which reveal the extent of food bank use in the area.

“Despite the leafy suburbs of South Belfast it is clear is that poverty is still a significant factor for many.

“Figures released by the Trussell Trust show that South Belfast had the highest usage figures in Northern Ireland, with three days-worth of food being handed out on 3,499 occasions last year.

“Quite frankly I am shocked.

“It is a scandal that anyone should be reliant on food banks and this is only likely to get worse as we have yet to see the impact of welfare cuts.

“The Green Party opposed these cuts precisely because of the devastating impact they will have on already poor families.

“While we must tackle the causes of poverty and end the reliance on food banks in the meantime more should be done to support these charities.

“It is absurd that while people are giving generously to food banks, supermarkets are wasting tonnes of good food each year.

“The Green Party is pushing for a law to require supermarkets to offer their surplus food to charities which support people in need.

“This law already exists in France.

“Food waste on this scale is totally immoral in a society where people are going hungry.”


15 April 2016

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