Sadness as retail jobs and built heritage threatened by Bank Building blaze

Wednesday 29 August 2018

Green Party rep. for North Belfast Mal O’Hara has expressed his sadness in the wake of the Bank Buildings fire but is relieved that the blaze didn’t result in loss of life.

Mal O’Hara said: “The charred remains of the Bank Buildings is a sad sight. The building is an iconic part of our city’s built heritage, a heritage that is under threat from profit-led development.

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“That aside, I am relieved that there has been no loss of life as a result of the fire. There are also positive indications that it may be possible to save the building’s façade.

“The Primark staff did a fantastic job in evacuating shoppers and colleagues as the fire broke out on Tuesday afternoon.

“The emergency services, particularly the NI Fire and Rescue Service has shown great bravery and skill in bringing the blaze under control and keeping people safe in the city centre.

Hannah McNamaraAimee Ruddy“Belfast was at its best on Tuesday evening with local cafés and restaurants bringing food and drinks to the emergency services”.

The North Belfast rep. continued:

“The sad reality is that around 350 people woke up this morning without a workplace to go to. Other city centre businesses will feel some financial pain without the shoppers that Primark attracted into town.

“I am encouraged by the support that Primark staff have received from their trade union to date. I encourage Primark to do everything possible to ensure that their staff continue to work and I hope we see the retailer back in the city centre before too long.”


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