Repeating the same process will do nothing to bring back the NI Executive

Nov 1 2017

Green Party leader Steven Agnew has said that the Secretary of State and traditional parties have dragged us along a slow journey towards direct rule.

It is now time for Mr Brokenshire to start considering different approaches if he is serious about breaking the impasse, the party leader said.

“It is insanity to continue repeating the same restricted talks process over and over again and to expect a different outcome,” Mr Agnew said.

“The system clearly isn’t working and is certainly not serving the people of Northern Ireland.

“What we now need from the Secretary of State is a concerted effort to introduce transparency, creativity and inclusivity into negotiations, to end the black-out on what the sticking points are and to listen to alternative approaches.

“Restricting the debate to two sets of vested interests and shutting the door on all other elected representatives is placing a stranglehold on an ailing democratic process.”

“It is not unreasonable that after such a prolonged stalemate, the Secretary of State should move to reconsider MLAs’ pay. If an MLA is performing two-thirds of a job, they should be paid two-thirds of the wage. But this alone will not bring back the Executive.

“Even before this protracted shut-down, the system was in urgent need of reform, particularly around issues such as voluntary coalition, Petitions of Concern and community designation.

“It is long past time for the Secretary of State to open his door and listen to those who still have the will to get the Assembly up and running again so that our failing healthcare and education systems can be rescued,” Mr Agnew said.


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