Refugee crisis – how to give practical help via Solidarity with Calais group

Green party welcomes action by Northern Ireland Solidarity with Calais group

The Green Party today, Thursday, September 03, 2015, welcomed the establishment of ‘Northern Ireland Solidarity with Calais group’ which is offering practical help to those affected.

South Belfast and Green Party Deputy leader Clare Bailey said

“With the ongoing refugee crisis in Calais and the Mediterranean dominating the news media, I, and many others, want to do something practical to help people in desperate need.

“Regardless of one’s views of the rights and wrongs of people seeking to come to Europe or the UK or Ireland, the reality is that the state is unable to adequately look after their immediate needs, in terms of food, clothes, shelter, health care and basic sanitation.

“It is great to see grassroots groups such as the Northern Ireland Solidarity with Calais others spring up to offer practical support to people in need”.

A number of collection points have been set up whereby members of the public can drop off donations, which are being publicised through social media, including: and

Clare Bailey added

“Those who have set up this initiative are to be congratulated. The on-going crisis across Europe is very serious and complex. This initiative is a simple and effective way for people here in Northern Ireland to be of practical help to people in desperate need”.

Drop off locations in south Belfast

Ten Foundation on the Lisburn Road, where people can donate Monday-Friday 10am-6pm.

Queen’s University Belfast’s student union on Saturday 5, 12 and 19 September from 9am-12 noon

Requested donations
These solidarity groups are asking local people to donate money which will be used to buy food in Calais and also donate the following which are badly needed by those facing the coming autumn weather in Calais:

• Tarpaulin
• Heavy duty Rubbish bags
• Tents: 4 person +
• Blankets and sleeping bags
• Men’s clothes: specifically, small to medium to sized warm clothes
• Shoes, runners
• Candles, torches and men’s toiletries.

More information on ways to donate can be found at the ‘Northern Ireland Solidarity with Calais’ Facebook group –”

Or please contact Green Party councillor John Barry on 07876 597900

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