Green Party rep says postponement of Equal Marriage Bill is justice delayed

‘Postponement of Equal Marriage Bill is justice delayed’ says Green Party rep

Green Party rep Mal O’Hara has described the postponement of Labour backbench MP, Conor McGinn’s Equal Marriage Bill until October as ‘justice delayed again for the LGBTQ Community’. 

His comments follow an expected second reading of the Bill today (11th May 2018) at Westminster, which was then delayed due to an objection from a Conservative MP.

The North Belfast rep said: ‘We warned in February that relying on a backbench MP’s  Private Member’s Bill was a long shot. While not stopped, the Bill has been relisted for October.  We said that relying on Westminster to legislate for LGBTQ equality was a return to the status quo.  For many, it feels like Equal Marriage has been abandoned to the the vagaries of an antiquated Westminster system and a sole backbench MP.

Campaigners, LGBTQ people, their friends, families and allies will once again be angry and frustrated. We are calling on people to turn that anger into something constructive. The Love Equality Coalition have called for a huge march and rally at Belfast City Hall on Saturday June 2. This rally is to urge the Conservative Government to provide Government time for the Bill and make sure that it passes.

Calling on people to support the rally, Mal said:  ‘We must come out in huge numbers on Saturday June 2. Last year 20,000 marched for Marriage Equality. This year we want to see even bigger numbers.  Theresa May must listen to the people of Northern Ireland and her Government must move to end justice being denied to LGBTQ people in Northern Ireland. It’s time,’ the North Belfast rep said.

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