Pope Francis’ apology will ring hollow unless victims needs are addressed

Tuesday 21 August 2018

Clare Bailey MLA has claimed that the Pope’s apology for the crimes of predatory paedophile priests rings hollow as the Catholic Church and the State’s collaborative abuse of victims and survivors of clerical crime continues.

The South Belfast MLA said: “The Pope’s apology does nothing to further the cause of victims and survivors. The Pope can and should use his influence to help the men and women who were so appalling abused as children.

“The UK government is denying victims and survivors the implemetation of the Hart Inquiry recommendations. The Catholic Church continues to deny the extent and existence of clerical abuse and protects paedophile priests.

“Meanwhile, many people abused as children are dying without seeing any form of redress. “The Pope, as a Head of State, should use his visit to Ireland to call for the implementation of the Hart report. He should also tell the Irish Bishops that decades of clerical abuse must not denied or dimished and the requirements of victims must be prioritised ahead of those of their criminal colleagues.

“Until that happens, Pope Francis’ visit will represent further collaboration between Church and State in the abuse of the people”.


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