The Green Party in Northern Ireland has 4 main Policy pillars:

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1. Ecological Sustainability

The Green Party recognises that humanity is not separate from nature, and that our actions and lifestyles have a significant impact on our human and natural environments. We are the only party that believes in the urgent need to change our economic model to make it compatible with the constraints that we face, and to minimize our negative impact on the natural world. For us it is not the economy versus the environment: we have a vision of an efficient, resilient, smart economy that works for people AND protects the environment.

2. Social Justice

 The Green Party fights for the rights of the most vulnerable and excluded groups in our society. We absolutely oppose racism, sectarianism, homophobia, misogyny and other forms of social injustice. We stand against so-called ‘austerity’ measures imposed on the poorest in our society, and the running down and privatisation of our public services. We believe that today’s excessive wealth inequality is not only morally wrong but is also detrimental to the stability and well-being of the whole of society. For us, social justice does not begin and end at the border: we are committed to fair trade and ethical foreign policies. The Green Party is committed to equal rights for all in our society.

3. Grassroots Democracy

For the Green Party, democracy is not just a matter of casting a vote every few years; we want to see decisions in the interests of local, inclusive communities being taken by those communities.

4. Non Violence

The Green Party is committed to the principle of nonviolence. If we are to learn to live together in all our diversity we need to work towards a fundamental change in the way we structure our institutions and relate to each other. The promotion of a politics of nonviolence means not just bringing an end to this or that particular conflict, but dismantling the structures and conditions that lead to conflict.