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People’s Vote the only possible escape from Brexit blind alley

Thursday 20 September 2018

Green Party leader Steven Agnew said that the DUP and hard right Tory Brexiteers have pushed the UK and Theresa May down a blind alley with a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal the only means of escape.

Steven Agnew’s comments come as Donald Tusk poured cold water on future trading proposals presented by Mrs May at Salzburg this week and as other EU leaders warned that time is running out to secure a deal.

Steven Agnew said:

“It is clear that the hard Tory right has pushed Mrs May and the UK up a blind alley. The DUP and hard Brexiteers would be content to see the UK crash out of the EU at any cost, with Northern Ireland worst affected in that event.

“Mrs May has almost no room to manoeuvre given the ferocity of DUP and Brexiteer opposition to her Chequers plan and their ambivalence towards a no deal exit from the EU.

“The result is a Prime Minister and the UK pushed down a blind alley with no room to manoeuvre and with a no deal outcome closing in.

“A People’s Vote is the only way to ensure that a bad deal or a no deal Brexit isn’t lumped on the people. Public opinion is shifting towards having a final say on any deal as people realise the difficulty of our current position.

“Two years on from the EU referendum it’s abundantly clear how ridiculous the arguments in favour of exiting the EU really were. There will be no economic benefit, there will be no seamless transition and a hard border either down the Irish Sea or across the island of Ireland looms large.”


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