Clare Bailey MLA

People’s Vote a must following Government Brexit deal defeat

Tuesday 15 September 2019

Clare Bailey MLA, leader of the Green Party has said that the government defeat on the EU Brexit deal means a People’s Vote is a must.

Clare Bailey MLA said: “Westminster and Theresa May’s government are in chaos, a People’s Vote is a must.

“The option to remain must be on the table as part of a People’s Vote.

“The conditions under which the UK will leave the European Union have been set out and the final say must sit with the people.

“We know that the Leave campaign broke electoral law, we know that reaping an additional £350m for the NHS was a fiction and we know that the deal on the table is opposed by MPs.

“The majority of people across Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU and the polls tell us that most people would swing to remain if a vote happened tomorrow.”

Clare Bailey MLA concluded:

“The Tories and Labour Party are hopelessly divided and there is no consensus on a way forward – a People’s Vote can push through the parliamentary impasse.”


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