Clare Bailey MLA

Pardon for abolished gay offences welcomed but overdue

Thursday 28 June 2018

Clare Bailey MLA has welcomed the news that abolished homosexual offences will be pardoned.

The Green Party MLA said: “It’s about time the state offered a pardon to people affected by heinous criminalisation policies.

“The criminalisation of homosexuality is a dark chapter of our history. There will have been many people in Northern Ireland who were victimised and vilified down through the years.

“It’s a personal choice whether or not individuals apply for a pardon, but I’m delighted that there is a choice.

“Bit by bit, wider society is acknowledging the harm and hurt that was inflicted upon the LGBTQ community down through the decades.

“Northern Ireland lags behind in terms of equality for our LGBTQ people. I’ll do my level best to turn that around.”


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