Rachel Woods

Opposition to Town Hall Pride plan shows blatant homophobia

Thursday 27 September 2018
Cllr Rachel Woods says the Ards and North Down Borough Councillors that vetoed the lighting up of Ards Town Hall for Pride last night were driven by nothing more than homophobia.
Cllr Woods said: “I was pleased that Cllr Tom Smith of the DUP  backed the motion to recognise LGBTQ people as equal citizens and light up the Town Hall for Pride days.
“However, Cllr Smith’s DUP colleagues, joined by a TUV and Ulster Unionist Councillor told the queer people of our borough that they are not equal citizens.
“These politicians treat our Queer friends, brothers and sisters, neighbours and colleagues as lesser people. Their actions last night exposed them as reactionary homophobes.
“My message to Queer people is simple – the majority of people across Northern Ireland support LGBTQ rights, as fundamental human rights.”
Cllr Woods concluded:
“Change is coming whether the homophobes like it or not. I will work in every way possible to ensure that all people are treated equally, with dignity and respect in policy and practice.”
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