Online voting registration goes live

Green Party South Belfast rep and youth worker Brian Smyth has urged people to register to vote online

The registration process can be completed online for the first time from today (Monday 18 June).

Brian Smyth said:

“This is fantastic news for anyone who has not registered to vote.

“It’s an easy process and should take around five minutes in total.

“I urge young people in particular to register. Data from Northern Ireland elections show that the younger you are the less likely you are to vote.


“I work with young people and I know that decisions made by government have huge effects on their lives.

“Decisions around education, health and transport all make a day to day difference, good or bad.

“Where you go to school or university, access to mental health support if you need it and whether or not you can take an affordable bus or train are all political issues.

“You can influence these issues but only if you register to vote then use that vote.

“I want to see young people stake their claim and have a say on the issues that matters most to them. That’s why I’d encourage everyone to register to vote”.

You can register to vote online here.


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