No confidence in First Minister after Foster’s latest failure

Monday 19 December 2016

Green Party NI Leader Steven Agnew MLA has highlighted Arlene Foster’s track record of failure in supporting the motion of no confidence in the First Minister.

Steven Agnew said: “We have saw a succession of failed initiatives which follow Foster from department to department.

“The 2013 Mills Review highlights Arlene Foster’s failure during her time as DoE Minister in relation to environmental governance and regulation.

“Arlene Foster failed again during her tenure as DETI Minister in regard to the collapse of a major off shore wind farm project.

“And despite her denials, Arlene Foster has failed again in regard to the Renewable Heating Incentive.

“Rather than dig in for party political purposes, the First Minister needs to take responsibility, stand down and allow an independent inquiry to get to work.

Steven Agnew concluded:

“Arlene Foster has failed and failed again but has still managed to climb through the political and ministerial ranks.

“She has shown herself to be a ruthless and skilled politician but an incompetent Minister.”