NAMA revelations – time NI Executive got its house in order

Speaking as the fall out to the latest NAMA revelations continued, Green Party leader Steven Agnew MLA said today, Friday 19 August

“The ramifications of yesterday’s NAMA revelations will continue. Now that Sinn Féin has suspended two of its leading members, I believe they should open up to an internal investigation.

“There are more questions to be answered, not least how much knowledge the current Finance Minister had of the communications between two senior Sinn Féin members and a Finance Committee witness.

“We need to know whether this is a one off solo-run or a regularly deployed tactic.

“Perhaps most importantly, we need to have confidence that a party at the head of the Northern Ireland Executive is acting lawfully and with integrity. Unfortunately, any potential trust has been eroded.

“People in Northern Ireland deserve better.”

Steven Agnew MLA continued,

“There are many major concerns facing us at the minute. Our health service is crumbling. Welfare cuts are about to bite. We need to create sustainable, decent jobs. Our society continues to lack basic equality.

“It is time the Northern Ireland Executive got its house in order.”

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