MLAs urged to reject gold-mine following cyanide plant revelation

Green Party West Tyrone representative Ciaran McClean has today, Wednesday, 10 February 2016, condemned Canadian gold-mining firm Dalradian’s recently announced plans for a processing facility near Greencastle as part of its mining operation.

Ciaran McClean said,

“Dalradian’s recently unveiled plans for a processing plant which uses industrial quantities of cyanide near Greencastle are alarming but not surprising to the Green Party.

“The gold mine doesn’t come without a cyanide processing plant, and both proposals are inextricably linked.

“That is why the Green Party has been vociferous in its opposition to this entire development from the outset. There is simply no suitable place for an industrial processing plant with cyanide reservoirs anywhere in this area.

“Mining on this scale destroys this area’s unique tourist product, and as such is a threat to the economy of the Fermanagh and Omagh District at large.”

Criticising all parties in the NI Executive in supporting Dalradian through the planning process, Ciaran McClean continued,

“’While Dalradian has wooed its international investors with promises of vast quantities of gold from this deposit, it has still not been made clear either by the company or the Executive – which has supported it to the tune of £500,000 so far – what the benefits for citizens in Northern Ireland are.

“The international market for gold is volatile. The main product from Curraghinalt is exported before it is finished. Significant industrialisation of this unspoilt area is required to make the mine commercially viable.

“A handful of low-wage jobs and paltry grants to community organisations will not compensate for the irreversible damage this mine and its associated plant will cause to the community directly affected, the environment and the wider economy of the Omagh area.”

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