Mining licenses must not be granted by the back door

Friday 13 October 2017
Green Party deputy leader Tanya Jones has said that the Department for the Economy must not grant mining licenses by the back door during the current political impasse.
The comments come amidst growing concern across Fermanagh and Tyrone that licenses could be granted to Karelian Diamond Resources to prospect for diamonds and base metals and to Flintridge Resources for base metals.
Tanya Jones has said that the Green Party opposes the granting of these licenses at present for a number of significant reasons:
“The political stalemate at Stormont could provide a convenient opportunity for companies to pocket licenses by the back door.
“There are so many unknowns associated with this type of mining. The most basic details are missing from these proposals. We do not know which base metals will be sought, or which locations within the wide licence areas will be targetted. It is essential that we be given the full details now and before any decision is made.
“Furthermore, there is a serious lack of accountability around decision making at present. We are all too aware of the Stormont stalemate with no Ministers in post and no Assembly to scrutinise decision making. It’s not appropriate for civil servants to consider the granting of licenses at this point in time.”
Tanya Jones concluded:
“I am also concerned that local people are being denied an opportunity to participate in this decision making process. The powers granted to the Department, which it can pass onto a licensee, are extremely broad.
“The potential effects of mining on human and animal health, habitats and our fragile natural world are huge. We should be afforded an opportunity to express our concerns through full participation and consultation.”
The Green Party has launched a petition on the matter. Please read and consider signing the petition using the link below:
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  1. Link to the petition on the matter

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