Malachai O’Hara

Mal O'Hara

Mal O’Hara

Green Party candidate for North Belfast

Malachi O’Hara

A well-known champion for LGBTQ equality, equal marriage and suicide prevention campaigner, Malachai O’Hara will put people first.

“I am proud to have grown up in North Belfast and I still live in the area. I will put the poeople of North Belfast first.

“The Green Party is contesting this election on the basis of;

  • Your say on the final Brexit deal;
  • Your public services;
  • Your equality.

“We must ensure that Northern Ireland MPs challenge Brexit and protect our public services from the worst effects of the austerity agenda.

“Almost 20 years after the Good Friday Agreement, North Belfast remains divided. The potential of all people is stunted by division and exacerbated by social deprivation.

“I will also work to ensure that the equality agenda is advanced in the absence of devolved government in Northern Ireland.

“Please vote Green on Thursday 08 June”.