Mal O'Hara

Mal O’Hara concerned at Belfast appearance for hate speech “comedian”

Saturday 15 September 2018

Green Party rep. Mal O’Hara has voiced concern at an upcoming Belfast appearance for “comedian” Wojciech Cejrowski. The Polish performer, well known for his anti LGBTQ, anti women and anti Islamic rhetoric is due to appear at an east Belfast venue tonight (Sat 15th Sept.).

Mal O Hara said: “Hate speech has no place in our community, even under the guise of comedy. This performer has a record of hate speech directed at women, the queer community and the Islamic faith.

“I would call on the venue space to follow the lead of the CIT School of Music in Dublin, which this week cancelled a schedule performance from Mr Cejrowski after his incendiary brand of ‘comedy” was highlighted and condemned.

“Free speech does not justify hate speech. We must challenge and condemn any rhetoric which has the potential to incite hatred and violence.”

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Notes to editors:
Wojciech Cejrowski Comments
„Tęcza (..) symbol grzechu sodomskiego, symbol zboczenia (…) dewiacji seksualnej”
“Rainbow (…) symbol of the Sodom sin, symbol of perversion (…) sexual deviance”
“Tęczowej flagi używają zboczeńcy”
“Rainbow flag is used by perverts”

Cejrowski o homo tęczy – masakruje klasycznie!

“W naszej kulturze obściskiwanie się dwóch mężczyzn na ulicy jest obrzydliwe i nie chcemy tego oglądać”.
„In our culture, two men snuggling on the street are disgusting and we do not want to watch it.”
„Ja bym nie chciał, żeby oni [homoseksualiści] czuli się bezpiecznie, tylko żeby próbowali się za pomocą terapii wycofać z tej dewiacji.”

„I would not want them [homosexuals] to feel safe, but to try to withdraw from this deviation by means of therapy.”

„Homofobia powinna wzrastać w narodzie.”
“Homophobia should grow in the nation.” [as a good thing]

“Namawiam do dyskryminowania pederastów.”
“I encourage to discriminate against pederasts.”



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