Clare Bailey MLA

Making abortion free, safe and legal significant and overdue

Tuesday 08 October 2019

Responding to the NIO announcement on guidance for abortion law guidance, Green Party Northern Ireland leader Clare Bailey MLA said:

“The guidance for healthcare professionals in Northern Ireland on abortion is a welcome development and comes as a relief following a long campaign. 

“The reality is that one in three women will access an abortion in her lifetime. Making abortion free, safe and legal in Northern Ireland is significant and overdue. 

“Significantly, women who have used abortion pills can now seek medical advice without the fear that their GP may report to police. 

“It’s also a positive development for people who need an abortion in Great Britain and will have their medical, travel and accommodation needs met. 

“I am also relieved for the local mother who has faced criminal proceedings for the past six years for assisting her daughter in ending her pregnancy with abortion pills and whose case will be dropped.”

Clare continued:

“The UK government has further work to do if it is to meet all recommendations of the UN CEDAW report including “making age appropriate, comprehensive and scientifically accurate education on sexual and reproductive health and rights a compulsory component of curriculum for adolescents, covering prevention of early pregnancy and access to abortion, and monitor its implementation”. 

“Change is happening and its vital that young people have the choices and information denied to successive generations before them.”  


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