Deputy Leader Clare Bailey

Let’s talk ideas and policies – not hair styles and make up

Let’s talk ideas and policies – not hair and make up

Monday 15 May

Clare Bailey, South Belfast Westminster candidate said that politicans should be talking ideas and policies, not hair styles and make-up.

Commenting on the furore surrounding recent comments from Arlene Foster, Clare said:

“Another election, another faux pas from the DUP leader.

“Why Arlene Foster would mention Michelle O’Neill’s looks is beyond me. If a male politician or commentator was to make the same comment, his focus and judgement would be called into question.

“I questioned Arlene Foster’s sincerity when she complained of misogyny directed against her in the heat of the RHI scandal. However, I also said at that time that Arlene was right to say that misogyny did exist in Northern Ireland politics.

“Any individual with a serious commitment to challenging misogyny in politics would have more in them than to describe the female leader of another party in terms of her looks.

Clare continued:

“But, here we go again, avoiding the real issues at play during this election campaign by pouring over Arlene’s latest gaffe.

“I would rather hear Arlene Foster and Michelle O’Neill discuss what matters most to people – our health service, education system and the toll that Brexit will take on our economy.

“I would rather that Arlene and Michelle cultivate an environment where they can sit down and find accommodation in the critical period following this election. Getting our Executive and Assembly back up and running. Putting people first.

“Instead, the former First Minster is making silly comments about looks and Sinn Fein are quite happy to make noise on a personality based issue.

“Time to look towards an alternative to these traditional parties. Let’s talk ideas and policies not hair colour and make up”.


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