Steven Agnew MLA

Let’s stop pretending that Brexit will be good for us – the people should have their say on a final deal

Tuesday 26 June 2018

Steven Agnew MLA has said that two years after the Brexit vote, the serious and growing concerns of business and citizens about the Brexit process make a referendum on the final deal a necessity.

The Green Party leader’s comments come as the Society of Motor Manufactures claimed Brexit uncertainty is thwarting UK investment and as tens of thousands took to the streets at the weekend demanding a final say on any deal.

Steven Agnew MLA said: “People have no clue as to what any final deal might look like two years on from the Brexit vote.

“There was an ominous lack of detail on how Brexit would shape our economy, our environment and our lives when the referendum took place two years ago.

“Since then, the Tory negotiating position has been weakened by a disastrous election gamble and bitter infighting. The Brexit process is in chaos.

“We’ve had real concern expressed by economists, manufacturers, environmental groups and a coalition of citizens from across the United Kingdom.

“Let’s stop pretending that Brexit will be good for the people. The exit process has been a disaster so far and Northern Ireland looks set to be hardest hit with no detail on how to progress the stated aim of no hard border”.

The Green Party leader concluded:

“It’s right that the people should have their say on any final Brexit deal”.


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