Clare Bailey MLA

Karen Bradley’s comments constitute a new low

Wednesday 06 March 2019

Green Party leader Clare Bailey MLA has slammed comments from Secretary of State Karen Bradley.

Clare Bailey MLA said: “Karen Bradley’s comment that security forces killings were “not crimes” is outrageous.

“Karen Bradley has shown herself to be disconnected from Northern Ireland affairs and the ongoing legacy of the conflict here – but this comment constitutes a new low for the Secretary of State.

“It’s a comment that undermines the Rule of Law and serves to retraumatise people who have lost loved ones at the hands of the security forces. Furthermore, its an insult to those who served in the security forces and adhered to legal standards and rules of engagement during difficult times.”  

Clare Bailey concluded:

“I would call for Karen Bradley to resign as Secretary of State but I’m fairly sure the performance any new Secretary of State appointed by Prime Minster Theresa May would be equally as dismal.”


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