I’ll work with Arlene Foster to challenge misogyny – but does she really want to?

Wednesday 04 January

Responding to the First Minister’s misogyny claims, Clare Bailey MLA said:

“The First Minister’s misogyny claim is a terrible attempt to detract from her central role in the RHI fiasco.

“Misogyny is the hatred of women. I supported the no confidence motion in the First Minister but I don’t hate her as a women or indeed as a person.

“What I do hate is £490 million potentially wasted and the First Minister’s attempts to avoid any responsibility for a scheme she presided over and promoted.

“Moreover, I am surprised by Arlene Foster’s focus on misogyny has done little or nothing to promote gender equality during her time in politics. Indeed she has slapped down attempts to modernise abortion law reform in Northern Ireland. She has shown little interest in promoting the rights of our LGBTQ citizens and appears unconcerned that women make up a mere 28 percent of MLAS.

The South Belfast MLA concluded:

“I would be more than happy to work with the First Minister to promote gender equality and challenge misogyny in our society.

“However, I suspect that Arlene Foster wouldn’t be interested in taking me up on the offer.”


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