Hot, dry summer weather puts climate change deniers in the shade

Wednesday 25 July 2018

Green Party Belfast City Councillor Georgina Milne has said that while we are all enjoying this sunny summer, worldwide extreme temperatures and closer to home leaves climate change deniers in the shade.

Cllr Milne, who is employed as a research scientist said: “People shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying this warm weather. But, the reality is that global temperatures are increasing due to climate change.

“Temperatures have risen globally around 1C above pre-industrial levels, as a result of greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere from activities such as burning fossil fuels, while increases in the Arctic have been much greater.

“The outworking of that is soaring summer temperatures across the world, with a heatwave in Japan, hot, dry conditions causing wildfires in Greece and weekend UK temperatures soaring to the mid-thirties.

“People can take simple steps to make a positive contribution to our environment. Recycling, reducing Co2 emissions by walking or cycling more and eating less meat can are examples of day to day things we can all do.

Cllr Georgina Milne concluded:

“And, let’s collectively challenge the fallacy that climate change is not a man-made problem. If we are to tackle the problem, we must acknowledge it and put climate change deniers in the shade!”.


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