Green Party welcomes TTIP’s demise

Green Party West Tyrone representative Ciaran McClean has today, Tuesday, 30 August 2016, welcomed the news that the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) scheme has been dealt a fatal blow.

His comments come as the French government is to call for an end to negotiations. Germany’s economy minister has also said that the talks have failed.

Ciaran McClean said,

“Following pressure from the Green Party in the European Parliament, a petition with three million signatures and lobbying from social and environmental groups all over Europe, it really is fantastic news for ordinary citizens, businesses, the public sector and civil society in Northern Ireland that TTIP has finally ‘tanked’

“TTIP was sold as a ‘free-trade agreement’ to open up global export markets for goods produced in Europe, but its real purpose was nothing of the sort. It would have reduced the robust health, social and environmental protections we enjoy in the European single market to allow cheaper, unethical and sub-standard produce from the USA to compete with our own produce.

“Most pertinently in Northern Ireland, it would have forced the NHS to open itself up to further privatisation and competition.

“This good news is somewhat dampened by the uncertainty produced by the Brexit referendum result in June, but it should be noted that people power has prevailed over the EU derided by many on the Leave campaign as ‘undemocratic’. This result shows that the EU does respond to democratic pressure, and that there is no stronger voice for the common good in European politics than the Green Party.”

“I took part in a ‘TTIP Day of Action’ organised through campaign website 38 Degrees last August in Omagh town centre and it is great to see a positive result one year later.”

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