Green Party warns of budget chaos

Monday 13 November, 2017

Green Party leader Steven Agnew says the lateness of today’s budget announcement has caused chaos for Northern Ireland’s sectors as they try to plan ahead, but this was inevitable given the lack of a deal.

“This announcement signals the return of Northern Ireland to direct rule, which nobody wanted. However, in the absence of a deal between the DUP and Sinn Fein that would have kept our public services running, this budget was necessary,” he said.

“Coming so late in the financial year, this budget has created chaos, with organisations across Northern Ireland left wrestling with allocations that they haven’t had time to plan for.

“Schools and healthcare bodies are having to blindly plan ahead, reliant on a one-year budget that solves nothing.

“It is the collective failure of the DUP, Sinn Fein and the UK government that has left us in this disastrous situation, leaving the Secretary of State no option but to introduce this budget.

“What we now need to do as a matter of urgency is move to an all-inclusive process –including all the Assembly parties and the wider public – where we decide how to get Northern Ireland back on track,” Mr Agnew said.




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