Why the Green Party will not be appearing on the BBC Nolan Live election special

The Green Party will not be sending a representative to the election special episode of the Nolan Live TV programme on the evening of Wednesday 22nd February.

Party Leader Steven Agnew said: “We are the only party contesting all 18 constituencies in the upcoming Assembly election that was not invited to take part in the main panel discussion.

“We were asked to send one of our candidates to be in the audience to respond to the panel discussion, which is in itself an unsatisfactory situation.

“To add insult to injury, our choice of candidate was rejected by the BBC.

“We were willing to play by the BBC’s rules until the Nolan Live programme attempted to dictate the Green Party’s internal decision-making.

“This is in addition to the Green Party being excluded from the BBC Leader’s debate on Tuesday 28th February.

“We feel that the public are being denied the opportunity to hear the full range of views.

“We have started a petition calling on the BBC to give us a place at this Leaders’ Debate. This has attracted hundreds of signatures within the first few hours of it being active.

“The Green Party is growing in terms of membership, support and elected representation.

“To assume that the five traditional parties that have been in power are the same parties that the electorate want to hear from is to misjudge the public mood for change.”


Notes to editors:

The link to the Green Party petition is: https://www.change.org/p/bbc-let-the-green-party-ni-onto-the-bbc-leaders-debate

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