Green Party to have presence on BBC Leaders’ Debate show

The Green Party has today, 24th February 2017, welcomed the news that the BBC has reviewed its programme of election coverage and that the usual reaction discussion immediately following the Leaders’ Debate is to be reinstated.

This gives the Green Party, along with People Before Profit and the TUV, a chance to air their views

Green Party Leader, Steven Agnew, said:

“This is the correct decision by the BBC and I welcome that the BBC now recognises that parties other than the traditional parties should be represented as part of the leaders’ TV coverage during this election.

“This should have been the case from the start and I would like to thank the two-thousand people who supported our petition to get fair coverage on the BBC for helping to make this happen.

“I am pleased to be able to have the final word on the debate immediately after the traditional parties have spoken.”

Steven Agnew continued:

“I will be requesting a meeting with the BBC after this election to ensure that voices other than the traditional parties are heard in the future, both during election coverage and indeed in day-to-day news coverage.

“I look forward to representing the Green Party on Tuesday 28 February.”

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