Green Party support for BPAS abortion helpline

Green Party MLA Clare Bailey has today, Thursday, 01 September 2016, has spoken in support of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service helpline that is now available to women in Northern Ireland.

Clare Bailey MLA said,

“Once again the inadequacies of Northern Ireland’s abortion laws have been brought into the spotlight.

“Women are buying abortion pills online and they need support which cannot currently be provided by local health professionals who face the threat of prosecution. This threat needs to be removed so that they can provide proper health care.

“It is a disgrace that women are being criminalised through our archaic laws for purchasing drugs such as mifepristone which are on the World Health Organisation Model List of Essential Medicines, the most important medications needed in a basic health system.

“The issue of abortion in Northern Ireland can no longer remain hidden. As an MLA, I will be working to ensure that women are not criminalised when accessing healthcare, including safe, legal abortions, when they need it.

“I trust women. It is time that our abortion laws were updated in line with the rest of the UK.”

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