Green Party support at #StrongerIn campaign launch

Speaking at the Belfast launch of the Stronger In campaign to remain in the European Union, Green Party Councillor John Barry said today, Thursday 26 May 2016,

“The Green Party in Northern Ireland, along with its sister parties across the EU are campaigning for to remain within the EU.

“That is not to say that we are content with the status quo. Rather, we recognise the benefits that being part of the EU has brought about but acknowledge that change needs to be made. However it is only by voting to stay in that we can make change.

“The EU has been fundamental in, for example, protecting women’s rights including maternity rights and the environment in Northern Ireland, which has been woefully neglected by the Executive.

“The protection of workers rights and the freedom of labour as well as capital to move around Europe is another reason to resist Brexit.”

Photo: Green Party Councillor John Barry with Tom Kelly, Chair of NI Stronger In.

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