Green Party statement re. shooting in Orlando at Pulse nightclub

Following the tragic events at Pulse nightclub in Orlando on Sunday 12 June, Clare Bailey MLA said,

“I am shocked at what happened in Orlando, that the LGBT community should be targeted in such a horrific way.

“On behalf of the Green Party I extend our sincerest sympathies to the friends and family of those who died.

“The LGBT community around the world continues to be persecuted, even in those countries where equal rights have been progressed. This has to stop.

“The fact that guns are so readily available to buy in the USA worries me greatly. These weapons have no place on any street. How many more mass shootings will it take for better gun control to be brought in?

“I will be attending the vigil at Belfast City Hall tomorrow evening, along with my Queer Green colleagues, to show solidarity to the LGBT community.”

Anthony Flynn, chair of Queer Greens said,

“My thoughts are with the victims of this shocking and disgusting attack. No words can adequately express the revulsion felt by the members of Queer Greens.

“LGBT equality, albeit limited, around the world has been hard won and still this cannot be accepted by some. It seems clear that this was an attack on the LGBT community. We will not be deterred as we seek full equality for all.”

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